Baldor, 30hp, 3600rpm, 286TS frame, TEFC, 440 volt, 34 amps, 1.0 SF, New Surplus

Baldor, 30hp, 3600rpm, 286JM frame, TEFC, 230/460 volt, 68/34 amps, SF 1.15, New Surplus.

Baldor, 250hp, 1800rpm, 447T frame, TEFC, 460 volt, 282 amps, Electrically OK.

Used - Good

Baldor, 400hp, 1800rpm, 449TC ODP, 460V, 448A, 1.15 SF

Baldor, 125hp, 3600rpm, 404TS frame, ODP, 460 volt,143 amps, 1.15 S.F., Shaft Grounding Ring, New Surplus.

Baldor, 40hp, 3600rpm, 324TS frame, TEFC, 460 volt, 44 amps, 1.15 SF, New Surplus

New - In-Stock

Baldor, 15hp, 1800rpm, 254T frame, F2 mount, ODP, 230/460V., New surplus

Baldor EM2515T-G 20hp, 1800rpm, 230/460V, 256T ODP, New Surplus


Baldor, 100hp, 1800rpm, 404T frame, ODP, 460 volt 115 amps, 1.15 S.F., Reconditioned.

Baldor EM3215T-G, 2hp, 1200rpm, 230/460V, 184T ODP, New Surplus

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